Cover art by Giorgia Pavlidou

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                Life, death, subjugation, liberation, belonging, alienation; it’s all in here. Seemingly, the entire cycle of living & dying at its most poignant fulcrum. To know death is to know life. In this debut collection of poems by Giorgia Pavlidou, life & death dance between the pages, between the lines. The poet uses & fuses color & sound in order to approach the unfathomable. Creation & destruction are perhaps nevermore eternally linked in poetry, thought and being than within this book.  Pavlidou has also generously included a choice selection of her own paintings. The poet is never faltering in her vision, always adept to the strangeness, and vastness, of the reach of the reaper’s long hand. Can awareness (and reminders) of death ever be less than a gift? What the poet gleans from life—within the remembrance of the agony & ecstasy of living—and dying—is a vast oeuvre worthy of the highest zenith. In a society which seems hellbent on forgetting, Pavlidou is a keen reminder, a brilliant poet & painter whose mission seems to be ever evolving, ever expansive; in the pursuit of knowledge. Within the pages of Haunted by the Living, Fed by the Dead; the possible reigns supreme. In the pursuit of truth & beauty, in the pursuit of the marvelous; there is perhaps no poet/painter more equipped to tell it how it is, and how it could be. 

Cover art by Byron Baker

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This is a book which blazes with insight. Part exploration into cause & effect, part foraging through language’s depths and breadths, with an unwavering wonder & curiosity, the authors take readers on a continuous journey. Picking up from the foundation established in Dialogics Volume 1 (Concrete Mist Press 2020), Dialogics Volume 2 is a book which has the fermenting potential to enliven and perhaps even enlighten readers of all ilk.

In this Volume 2 of the Dialogics, Will Alexander & Heller Levinson continue their foray into philosophical and pragmatic approaches to art, poetry, language, science and the living of life to its fullest potential. These two distinguished poets & artists have developed a bond throughout their years of correspondence and friendship which has become grounds for a marvelous nurturing of sincere thought & self-reflection. Join these Visionary Pilots in their campaign to replace the stale-quotidian with the magnetically luminescent.

Also included in this edition of Dialogics Volume 2—jus’ sayn’—the landmark essay on John Coltrane’s One Down, One Up, written by Heller Levinson.

Cover art by James Knight

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In this second volume of the lost notebooks series, D.C. Wojciech illuminates a path seldom traveled, adding a hallucinatory depth of seeking to his already established cannon. Gleaned from many sources of inspiration, including the poet’s travels throughout the west coast of the United States, verbatim hallucinations, ‘conversations’ with the ancestors, and an ever evolving radicalization of delight; this is a poetic which does not falter in engaging reality as it is. While a handful of these offerings have appeared in one form or another at various online venues; the majority of these poems have previously endured silently, standing the test of time in private, scrawled agonies & ecstasies across the pages of secret notebooks, now unearthed, as relic-companions of a life lived without regard for preconceived notions, with an enduring thirst for understanding, transcendence; straight to the very edge of meaning & madness.

Praise for DAY & NIGHT:

“Nothing counterfeit or lightweight about D.C. Wojciech, . . . but rather, like some ancient seer-smythe magnetizing ‘the depths of fathom,’ shaping & tooling as he goes, ever vigilant, ever cognizant, verities forging as he surges.”
- Heller Levinson (Author of LURK)

"His verbal leverage remains burning, gregarious, slipping through the boundary of outermost understanding like an astronomical integer followed by 34 zero's. This being extended life, yes, nevertheless life that phonetically rises as protracted extension."

            - Will Alexander (Author of The Combustion Cycle)

"D.C. Wojciech meets the moment and answers the promise of the world's oldest literary art form with a sweeping grandiosity and dynamism worthy of the pantheon. These are unsung majesties to the credit and legacy of the medium's fluidity and powerful capacity to emote, to curse, to make the angels blush. DAY & NIGHT is the single most vital volume of poetry you will read this decade. It is nothing less than a decisive renaissance of the form with concussive reverberations." 

- Manuel Marrero (Author of Not Yet)

Cover art by James Knight

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The Longest Breath could very well be the work of a mad scientist—an alchemist’s attempt at corner stoning eternity? a poet’s secret love letters? a philosopher’s resignation to silence? a prisoner’s discharge papers?—who fuses & re-fuses words & ideas in the pursuit of the electric, in pursuit of the magnetic…but be mindful, dear reader, this is your life. These are just words, right? Don’t look down. We are well on our way to ascending this mountain now. 

Praise for The Longest Breath:

In a world of increasing and destructive materialism and chaos and climate change and pandemics and lost answers, D.C. Wojciech somehow manages to write poems of hope, poems written to remind us that we should dream and hold those dreams close.

- John Guzlowski, author of Echoes of Tattered Tongues

The Longest Breath by D.C. Wojciech explodes as a poetic visionary parable that self-lenses itself according to the world as stunning isolation. These poems seem to imperil themselves empowered by the stunning craft of negation. The aural capacity of Wojciech seems to compress itself according to the dictates of a blind folded law, as if he had managed to work over and beyond self-scalded expression inwardly breathing by means of voltage and charisma. Each poem seems to writhe in the ear as an interlocuter of clauses, as a mayhem that generates stunning aural fertility. In this sense he has risen above "the dogs of war" thus gifting us with articulated ciphers, with immaculate generosity far beyond the clockwork that singes the "...towers of Babel..." 

-Will Alexander, author of Compression & Purity

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With gratitude for everyone who contributed to this book. Silver Pinion's first print edition. Front cover art provided by the brilliant Eli T. Mond. Published by Word Studio, June of 2020.


  1. Heller Levinson & Will Alexander’s Dialogics 2 is a glimpse into two brilliant philosophers having a convo in a most aesthetically astounding way. The thoughts and words in this book will leave readers reeling as they ingest deep ideas communicated in a genuine and original fashion as True philosophy collides with True art in an utter mesmerization. Also, Giorgia Pavlidou's book of poetry and art is stunning on all fronts as well. Once again, brilliant ideas abound in poems that are somehow simultaneously in your face and beyond cosmic. These two books are EASILY two of the most important books published in 2022.