Friday, October 1, 2021

Three Poems, Biko Eisen-Martin


cuffed to myself in amerikkka

In a 9 by 5 
With 9 men 
Who do not like being touched 

A killers snarl has turned sad frown 
An addicts high has turned on him
The brothers in red feel more Jamaican than Blood 
For that I am happy 

Craving cigarettes more than freedom 
Craving solitude more than family 
I smile when we finally become silent 

I count 3 times I have been cuffed to a stranger 

In new orleans 
The police made a 3D NEGRO power point 
Plucking us off the sidewalk and pinning us to brick 
A human grid selling their power 
And trying to not scratch our faces on the wall 
As we breathed into brick 
You know City shit 
Fuck my wrists 
Sorry bruh 
Maybe if I hold up my arm like this 
Yeah thats good, thank you 
The man cuffed to my other arm refused to return my gaze 
Ashamed of our shame 
Stacked , divided and pulled apart
Like a paper cut out of a man
Maybe we are the same man 
Maybe it was just me divided
Grabbing our limbs out of the crowd like were the same person 
Katrina  waters lowering slow
And somehow sliming up our backs 
An hour against the wall 
And not one of us asked why 

New York City 
That cloud of smoke aint mine 
You lying 
Where you hide it 
I deny it 
Still lined up again 
Flayed against the precinct wall 
This time I’m cuffed 
To my brother 
And he got a pig 
To call every pig 
That passes us prisoners 
Yeah you pig 
And we 
Like kids holding hands before lunch 
This station looks like an elementary 
Same calendar on the wall 
Height marks to my left 
How many young men have grown tall in this building 
My brothers vehemence is leaving his body 
The clock is starting to tic like a weight 
I keep my arm straight so he can wipe his tears 

I got two cigarettes 
Two hours to live 
You keep that for later 
Share a  whole smoke with the condemned 

Remember when we were cuffed together
I didn’t know your name 
Just that the concrete wouldn’t do your back  justice 

Knew that crime is subjective in america 
But cops and robbers is black and white 

So is brotherhood in these nights 
Where being alone can cost you your life 
Cost you your light 

Hey lil brother 
I know you sick but if you don’t wake up you gonna choke on your own vomit
You wanna live I promise 
Get this man some water 

Get this man some help before he dies in our cell 

Have they even counted how many of us are in this cell 

Hey youngin, this must be your first time in hell 

8 years old in frisco 
was my first time cuffed to a stranger 
I was cuffed to myself 
I wasn’t the child they were putting cuffs on 
Though I could feel him by my side 
It was the other me 
My American reflection 

But my invisible little wrists couldn’t break free 
I was cuffed to me 
My body not far from school 
Not far from love
So I know I was 

I was there 
The metal digging 
Into my little wrists 
My head throbbing 
I wanted to cry 
Watching my body split 

Watching time split 
Every minute had a second 

Watching the lines blur 
Like as if water had beseted  the story of my life 
And the ink was doubling on the page 
Each letter becoming two 
One strong and one blurred out the line 

I stepped out of the cuffs a blurry vision of myself 
Expendable , detachable , a new definition of time 

Still trying to find the me that didn’t make it out of those cuffs 
But that page is gone 

Just ghosts now 
Wondering cells 
Stacked against history 
Still holding my hand 

Yes I feel you close
Trying to unspilt me 

A million of us 
Leaving our shadows to take to the streets 

Is this the capitol 
Or is this the ghost of a city? 

Is this a country 
Or is this a land handcuffed to a white supremacy

A blackness conceived by white 
And Cuffed to it trying to matter 

I think we confuse this country for a ghost we never knew 

A handcuffed child who will never be free here 

The Death of Jamal Sutherland

Commercial break

Skip add in 5 4 3 2 Skip Add


We cant open the door

He’s refusing to cuff up

Taking an aggressive stance

He’s already said  we have to use force on him








Co captain gray

Judge stating he has to be in front of the judge

Medical on stand by













Does he still have the spoon in his hand

He still has the spoon in his hand




You see what’s taking place here

You see what’s taking place here

You see what’s taking place here

You see what’s taking place here


 Drop the spoon and come to the door

Drop the spoon and come to the door


I’m God’s child

I’m God’s child

I’m God’s child


Drop the spoon and come to the door


I’m God’s child

Calm yourself down


(Chemical spray) sssssssssssssssssssss


Do what you gone do

Do what you gone do

Do what you gone do

Do what you gone do


Sssssssssssss Damn you got another one of those

Come to the door so I can get you out of there

Drop the spoon and come to the door

Damn I got it in the eye

Come to the door

Com e to the door

Hey come here




Hey turn around

Turn around


Turn around

He’s trying to wrap a blanket around his head





Soon as you come out it’ll get better


Coughing and giggling

What do you want from me


Come to the door


For what


Take that off your head and come to the door


What do you want from ME

What do yall want


Come on cuff up

Drop to your knees

Drop to your knees

Drop down to your knees

Take that off your head and drop to your knees

Take the blanket off your head


Blessing to me

Blessing from god









Drop the blanket come to the door




Get down Sutherland

Get down Sutherland

Get down on the grown

Get down sutherland

Get down


(Walkie talkie) smu , smu

(Shot of something fired)


Moans and groans of pain


Get on your stomach

Turn on your stomach 

Turn on your stomach 

Your gonna get another one

Come to  the door

Stay on your stomach

 come to the door

Stay on your stomach

Come to the door


I can’t stand up


Keep coming

Keep moving

Stay down and slide


What’s the meaning of this


Turn on your stomach

Turn on your stomach


For what?

Thats as far as I’m turning


Keep turning


Thats as far as I’m turning

Thats as far as I’m turning


Do not resist


I’m not resisting officer


 Turn around













Stay down






Put your hands behind your back







Hands behind your back








Put your hands behind your back











Didn’t resist

I didn’t resist


Get that hand





Get the cuffs on him






(Walkie talkie)  go head, can u give me a talk (Beep)

Give the other hand

Give me the other hand sutherland

Give the other hand


I’m not resisting


Give me your hand


I’m not resisting  (with tears )


Give me your hand


I cant breathe

I’m bleeding


Give your hand

You need another pair ,

You got it , yeah , lock it , your good, were good

Slide him out


I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe



Lets just slide him out

Stop resisting!






Shit , thank you , cough ,

Take em up to the chair

Get on that side and sit him up

Get on that side and sit him up

Hey will you check him

Will you check him

Is alright

He’s not breathing

Hold on

Hold on

He’s not breathing

For Ma’Kiah 

There are some of us who are remembers 

The police celebrated Chauvin’s guilty verdict with a gunshot 
Left a 15 year old girl dead in the street 
Memorializing the act of killing 
Pumping blood into the veins of a giant 
That stomps from sea to shining sea 
The sun never sets on their trigger fingers 
The night gives no rest to our children 

I don’t need to watch the news 
The gunpowder in the air tells the story 

The city is named after one of the most gory villains 
To give glory to white supremacy 
Columbus Ohio they call it 

Full circle 
Their bullets travel in time 
Whiz around the planet 
Children falling before they can call their mothers 

My little sisters and brothers 
It took 400 years from Columbus’s arrival 
For the Haitian revolution 
To knock imperialist off the land Columbus stood 

It better not take 400 years 
For us to revolt again 
To get these killer police 
Of stolen land 
Where they murder children and go home to their children 
So they can grow old and kill our children again 

My little brothers and sisters 
I remember the first time I was accosted by the police 
I don’t remember the second, tenth or 100th 

Can’t tell you how many times I had to force my pride into my stomach 
Face dirty on the concrete 
Praying I’d make it through  another search 
Don’t get used to that hurt 

Swallowing your words is like swallowing your teeth 
Sharpen your mind 
Until your bite is strong enough to take back these streets 

Its going to take every one of you 
To turn history inside out 
To alter the trajectory of Columbus’ legacy 
To alter the trajectory of San Francisco 

No trial will bring back the Ohlone 
No poem will bring back MaKiah Bryant 

The black Jacobins defeated the French with self love and machetes 
Why they feared her with a knife 

I see Erzuli Dante dancing in the sky 
Teaching spirits how to yield a sword 
Before forming in their mothers wombs 

All wounds return as warriors 
Saints, No longer confused 
that christendom will never be christlike 

Angels need the living to protect them 
To speak their names day and night 

Another black future destroyed to keep Columbus white 
To celebrate Columbus 
And every life 
White supremacy will claim to remain on the throne 
Leaving piles of bones on our corners 
For mothers to sort through 
Because not every victim gets a news cycle 
Just a noose rifle while their killers parade 

Meet me under the plantation 
We are sharpening blades 

The one Ma’kiah Bryant was holding is around my neck 
The one Mario Woods was was holding 
I’ll use to carve our names in the cliffs of ocean beach 
They will remember the last 3%

Before they try to sweep us under history 

Don’t ask me why I am wearing a pigs head on my head like the online wore deer
If you know you know 
Either we grow or become bones 

1492 has turned into a millennium 
But revolutionaries are perennial 

And its time for black eyed pees 

Its time for another Haitian revolution 
With the whole diaspora up to speed 

Put some revolutionary news in the air to reads 
Until the sun sets on the giant 

And our babies can sleep 

Born and raised in San Francisco, Biko was immersed in art and radicalism by a single mother who empowered him to use his voice, his body and art to not only overcome struggle, but to uplift others. As a youth Biko performed poetry nationally with Youth Speaks including the Youth Against War conference in Bosnia. At Brown University Biko earned a BA in Africana studies and a Masters in Teaching. After teaching history at Berkeley High and performing locally in the Bay Area, Biko went back to school and earned an MFA at the National Theatre conservatory. Biko has performed Off-Broadway and at the top regional theaters*. Film/TV credits include AMC's "Dietland", Amazon's “Modern Love”, Starz’s “Ghost” and several shorts, including "Buck", which premiered at Sundance 2020.

Three Poems, A. K. Toney


Am a jazz player
Player forward on
Bringing swing back home
Straight ahead zone (twice)

My Jazz was a transference of energy 
From spirit hands that rode horse and felt the needles
It was handed like wooden stick and spark from sound of metal
The bell left a timing in me that gave Griot to poetry

It clapped like slaps from palm to tight animal skin
It rang as twangs from ngoni strings singing melody
It swings rapidly as brushes to sock hat from snare wear
We were on wax before vinyl with no origin of difference

It came from keys on saxophone pushing me as horn to high 
It came from those traps like nigger boys need to beat things
It came from that cool cigarette between fingers after laying hand on instruments
The testimony was a sermon, that was more than holy
It was a club ceremony of sanctuary

The sanctified gave house and put their hands together praising
They smoke papa loco as itations
They drank libations in honor of the sound
They speak easy in a house of Juke Swing big band quartet
Blues given like communion sloe gin…

Come from a place where they line up at Church
To listen for an Arkestra because they couldn’t hear the piano Saturday night
Came to the crossroads of music when predecessors passed on…
Had to pay homage to Ancestors by playing own rhythms 
With the stories of them validating legacy

(For Sarah Webster Fabio)

Prof. Fabio,
Miss you and never met you…
How do you become Mother of Black Studies?
How you speak like whisper that make nigga shake out?
Make you never know that word from your tongue…

She tells me,
“You gotta slap back time and find yourself
Steal what you can and use the last little bit of it…
Use your blues jazz soul hip hop be bop classical Africa
To let the people, know where it come from…
Grab your Licking Stick and cook up some wild
On what don’t know about Folkways Records
Jujus/Alchemy of the Blues Juke Joint sounds that
Birthed funkadelic starship chitlin’ circuit street”

Our Betty Davis of Poetry
She became penetration of infiltration
Slipped in real coolie…
Slick and so wet that others couldn’t touch her
And if they did, they got wet and slick
Then she was just there…
Now everybody was real cool…
I Would Be for You Rain

She became the reign of all these that have forgotten her
Never acknowledged, never known Black World
Or Dialogue Between Two Messengers of Peace

We miss you Griot Fabio and never knew your voodoo
How you kept the souls of Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles,
Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Margaret Walker, and Langston Hughes, inside of yourself…  
You gave us Glimpses of retro get down noise pains of words that 
Were Timbuktu, Cleopatra, and slaves that overcame
Through rhythms and story and showed us a good time
With that oral timing that drums need from your harmony
Lonely is an Independent, alone is the child that has their own, you are the end that means…

Miss you and never met you 
Mother of Black Studies
Ashe. Prof. Fabio. Ashe.


COVID19 is a stupid teen, believing the world is flat,
Accepting truth being alternative facts, walking around a party,
And then got the nerve to be racist…  

Remember in Africa, when wearing a mask
Was worn for ritual and for purpose or ceremony…
Now everyone everyday around the World
Must do that ritual and no one can ever forget the purpose…
Or lest we attend ceremonies via zoom

Since when did vaccination become discrimination?
The number one predator on the food chain doesn’t eat
It just kills…
A nonliving invisible that can’t be seen by the naked eye
Lurking as a parasite moving from host to host
Serving suffering because we wouldn’t listen…

That stupid teen has become a fraternity sorority known as Delta
Excuse me, my bad…  Delta+!
A little extra, a little faster, easier contagious 
Three-week time limit if you can make it…

My personal vaccination came with
Hand sanitizer, double mask, keep my social distance,
And for Life’s sake! Isolate.

A variant of a variant from a strain to a virus…
It only becomes dangerous when Humans become
The Independent Variable that is introduced…

Hypothesis: Unpredictable and instability
Results of Conclusion: Non-conclusive, due to ignorance, non-subject compliance, 
And no supportive evidence to convince variables for immunity herd. 
(Yet the facts are substantial and real)
Get your twenty-twenty vision fixed
Receiving a negative test for the virus is the most positive gift…
People stop being Pe-ople-less!

A. K. Toney is a Griot, writer and educator. He currently is a Literacy Coordinator, Artist teacher and owner of Reading Is Poetry. He is currently working on his first book and album chronicling his life as a poet in the Leimert Park Village area in Los Angeles, CA. 

Three Poems, Rubino del Sur


We have to bypass thought to think
Who’s sleeping in our mind.
Do something warns the empty thought 
September overwhelms. 
Against these harbingers stands Pentagon,
Millennium and Tribulation one,
in the warehouse of the mind 
to reconstruct bete noir. 

The kings of Pentagon mass corp
the state of new techniques
To disenfranchise bardo
and entertain the elite.
When new conquerors took control 
Of the subclade Scales below
Imperials debated how,
to Incompleteness close. 

UN Prisoner Transfer cars
resettled to the east 
the Unity State of new techniques
in an animated cargo of beasts. 
Guns in the belt, one under the chair,
guns in the fridge and in bête noire
Scientificos would CRISPR you
To Lunch with Baal Peor.

Sheol is bigger from reflux!
Eyes ope’ and ears can hear
In the old warehouse of the mind 
the expansion of Sheol.
Days before the Floods we thought
to topple kings of war
before Impossibilities taught
do not be one with the world. 

Indian, Irish, German, Black 
against the English caught, 
Christian between new life and flesh, 
Knew it as we walked. That’s all.

Up Headless Mountain 

When we look at headless mountain
We see the topknot shows.
Let's ride the mirror to the back of it 
For the face is the mask of an eye shown through.
We raise a tongue for the eyes that watch
In the hunt for elk and quartz,
The head remains in disembodied earth.

The face of mountain is a mask 
That hunts for ear and eye.
Ichabod Crane has a shoulder there
Where twists the pie bald sky. 
Not really Danes, cold mouths devour
a rooster tail stuck to its mouth.
The rock towers ask, "enemy or friend?"
But neither answers in words we understand; 
This is what the angel spoke to Joshua and Joshu then.
Another asks, where are you hiding mule deer 
Among bone world-flushed xylene pumps, 
in a pile of cans or in a stream full of sin? 

Oil and gold ask, what is wilderness? 
I will tell, wilderness glistens beneath a bear 
which opens its mouth. Its tail is a crowd
of bones in subway tubes. Come and capture. 
Pierce the nose! This is a bronze 
wake-wild worn underside that leaves a trail. 
Think the waves are cedar trail? 
Make a treaty when you lie down
on a leash for your girls that tongue,
fire it down a row of shields,
Harpoon the head you mountaineers! 
strip off its coat, take light as your own.
"Where are you, I am looking." 

Rock against fish, consumption against Fox.
Civilization's no ranch or flesh, 
but a four wheel shop and not-mine dump to hunt
the Wild Crowd. Behemoth, warm and bored in bed  
lassoed saguaros, shot and hung to dry,
Bodies were everywhere in the spirit wild.

Design the crotch? "Never!"
Heavy prairie is a letting go.
Do not leave a footprint 
Or pretend the prickly eyes of Saguaro.

There were a hundred versions and not one remains. 
That's when Opiomes was formed. 
Visions of the Starchitect Hotel is its first real. 
We're blaming Coleridge for the Trojan Horse
formed of spit by Poseidon, out of dread locks.
Trojan, like Pegasus, retains the Severed Head. 
Pegasus and his brother Chrysalor made with spit 
the moment Perseus severed Medusa 
arrived at the Denver Neptune cave, 
home of the Broncos and Trojan Bats, so there was that. 
Pegasus and Mustang Sally these two once one,
so one became two, and myth 
might dearly seek the spit of Jonathan Swift.

2nd ed Early Tattooed High Govt Habit Swine Fry Release

Do not believe the United Ants
Had too much sunny aluminum today? 
What you see in the mirror grid flower, 
Ferret the grid where the woodpeckers hover 
but there are big black bumbles too and gold 
where the peckers are pecking.
They peck on the knot in your brain, 
the Russians, the woodpeckers and dudder physics,
little godlings hatching in the grid,
scalar dynamics too wrong to be soon to be changed. 
Destroy the woodpecker nest in the conifer off grid. 
A menagerie of woodpeckers and gophers attack the poles
of experimentation and mop up the slabs.

In the 2nd ed release of early tattooed high govt
Grasshopper Grid swine flu fry brain
Trigger gibber code, human tape recorder video, 
Freedom of Thought Information mutilation dreams, 
nouns and verbs cut off piece by piece, 
basis of dissociation beaten MMPI 
made him a hyno-program courier. 
An NLP toolbox stolen from microwaves, 
gravity down magnetic hypothesis, 
post, recall, bank to left of right,
sales technique final, news interview tonight.

"How does it feel during the search and misdirection? 
Did it rain? Did you not remember the command? 
There the beginning electronic dissolution of memory 
Was erased, fed back two dimensional tactile kinesthetic.
Navy assassins of any rising politician that got the flu,
With psycho science give the second signal now.
Project One Hundred Thousand codes, 
Eureka replaced Mind Control.   
Hypno-programmed NLP defense, 
Adversity therapy, Eureka pleasure center.
In the war against imagination George Romney, Jack Ruby,
National Security, Dept of Energy, fusion energy,
General Atomics, fusion orbit, spider web satellite tech, 
quarantined pygmy speech, red herring each 
fake Grey abduction and stun gun amnesia,
Screen scrambles, ritual deficit disorder  
As armies scramble MPD military hypno-courier.
Military passified spychiatrists, 
Delta Force Waco code trigger verse, 
cure phobia in 10 minutes, dissociate and look. 

Brain tuner, sound color, monarchist psychocivilized soc,
needles through skull, Parkinson's, magnetic manipulate EMR, 
TP, test person, Mendocino Mental.
Janet Reno, Anthony Robbins, 
Had a meeting of the mind brainwash,  
patsy hypno-programmed of Sirhan rapport.
Elsberg, Nixon, Leary cryptocrat,
presidential model entry to hypnosis.
Ear receivers, ping pong eyes, mad scientist white sound
drum and fire senses ever cease to civ. 
All news, every station Crypotech, 
Carl Nicholi, NSA stunt, repeal the Act. 
Inalienable right, 2nd ed release early tattooed
high govt habit swine fry release the flu.

Rubino served time in the Pentonville Prison but was a model inmate so was released to continue his career in dentistry. His offenses were less known in the States and he is now in Antarctica at McMurdo. A citizen of three nations, born Argentine, made a British citizen through the British Penal Citizenship program at the model Pentonville, he served for various offenses in youth but which resulted in his admission to the practice. He continued his education at York and Sussex in jaw formation and hybrid and synthetic speech. After serving at Eau Claire Mayo, Denai, and Fukushima Prefecture he became a U.S. citizen by corporate contract, his third passport, and trained and disembarked to his present location where he combines all the above and he is taking courses in glacierology. 

Three Poems, Onfwan Fouad (Translated by Dr. Yousef Hanna)


Caffeine time! 

Coffee is drunk leisurely 
Don't race the time, 
If the cup of the moment cools down 
to chatter of meaning. 
Sows caffeine  
In the streets of thought, 
Mind out the sidewalk 
Flooding with grass. 
Leaking birds of sorrow, 
long soaring 
Into sky of the fourth eye. 
Combs the hair of anger, 
Pulls up the scream 
Lengthens the plait of heart. 
Is a naughty girl, 
Breaks the jars of speech 
At the seclusion door. 
Nostalgic foam 
In the jug of absence. 
A hand of solace 
Extending to you from beneath the shroud. 
Bridle of embers 
Pulls the time horse. 
An old turtle  
Anticipates the moon. 
A black word 
Written in blank  
Notebooks of worry. 
Coffee is a soap of lethargy 
Rubbing the nerve of valium with a dry laugh, 
Somewhat similar to 
dead cat. 

كافيين الوقت!

القهوة تُشرب على مهل 

لا تسابق الوقت، 

إن برد فنجان اللّحظة 


لثرثرة المعنى.


تبذر الكافيين 

في شوارع التفكير،

احذر الرصيف 

الفائض بالعشب. 


تسرب طيور الحزن،

تحلق طويلا

في سماء العين الرابعة.


تمشط شعر الغضب،

تشد الصرخة 

تطيل ضفيرة القلب.


طفلة شقية،

تكسر جرار القول 

عند باب العزلة.


رغوة حنين

في إبريق الغياب.


يد عزاء

تمتد إليك من تحت الكفن.


لجام جمر 

يشد حصان الوقت.


سلحفاة عجوز

تستبق القمر.


كلمة سوداء 

تُكتب في بياض دفاتر القلق.

القهوة صابونة الخمول

تُدلّك عصب الڤاليوم بضحكةٍ يابسة، 

تشبه إلى حدٍّ ما 

قطة ميتة.

مورفيـن الهمسـ 

Paris mosquito 
Mosquito in an open resort 
Under the magnificent sun of Van Gogh 
Sterilizing its needles of amino acids 
Sewage pipes 
drain Darwin's and Marx's Lectures into the Academy of Metaphysics 
The flowing numbers through time faucets 
are pouring into a sand basin 
wherefrom fish of the desert have been extinct, 
were caught by alive nets. 
Paris mosquito, 
begging for attention 
She refused to snatch her wings 
or install them outside the frame 
In anticipation of a new task 
I took out silver tweezers 
And pulled out her eyes 
Then I found out they were two blood jewels 
The carved shell on the mirror 
turned upside down 
The earth exploded with sandy blossoms 
The legendary bird entrusted with the clouds squeezing 
Stirs the air inside his cavity 
Red ants are been camping when the light is refracted, 
smuggling genes into invisible eggs 
Mosquito carry up over it 
The dust of secret  
To spread the cough sub form of ash pollen 
The first emergence egg still 
hatches at feet 
of the forgotten tree.

بعوضة باريس


البعوض في منتجع مفتوح

تحت شمس ڤـان گوغ العظيمة

يُعقّم إبره من الأحماض الأمينية

أنابيب الصرف الصحي 

تلقي بمحاضرات داروين وماركس في مجمّع الميتافيزيقا

الأرقام المتدفقة من صنابير الوقت 

تسيل في حوض رملي 

انقرضت منه أسماك الصحراء

كانت قد اصطادتها شِباك حيّة

بعوضة باريس 


تستجدي الانتباه

رفضت انتزاع جناحيها 

أو تثبيتهما خارج الإطار

تحسبًا لمهمّة جديدة

أخرجتُ ملاقط فضيّة

وانتزعتُ عينيها

ثم اكتشفتُ أنهما جوهرتان من دم 

الهيكل المنحوت على المرآة

كان بوضعٍ مقلوب

تفجرّت الأرض بزهر رملي

الطائر الأسطوري الموكّل بعصر السحاب 

يقلّب الهواء داخل جوفه

النمل الأحمر يتعسكر عند انكسار الضوء

يهرّب الجينات في بيوض لا مرئية

البعوض يحمل فوق فوقه

غبار السرّ

لنشر السعال على هيئة طلع الرماد

ما تزال بيضة النشأة الأولى

تفقس عند قدم

الشجرة المنسية.


عنفوان فؤاد/ الجزائر

(An accident near the head hole) 
Bad things happen early in the morning 
Other good ones come corrosively. 
Well - as usual - I'll start with the bad, 
I opened the window this day and found the nest upside down 
To my surprise, I heard a cat meow 
I looked inside and found the cat on the bed 
Amusing himself with the remains of feathers stuck in his claws... 
As for the good ones, 
I never have a cat 
My only cat died three days ago. 
Another worse than good news; 
is that I am in a dream. 
The worst ever is 
That I don't sleep. 
- Bad margin - 
While I am writing this text 
A bird feather falls from my mouth 
Manipulated by a weary breeze 
Suddenly, an invisible being's meow sounded. 
- Fuzzy margin - 
There is no window in my inky place 
I'm just a cellar  
Devouring beings that see me.

عنفوان فؤاد 

((حادث بالقربِ من حفرة الرّأس )) 


تحدث الأمور السيّئة في الصّباح الباكر

وأخرى جيّدة تأتي بشكل متآكل.

حسنًا – حسب العادة – سأبدأ بالسّيئة،

فتحتُ النّافذة على هذا النّهار وجدتُ العشّ مقلوبًا

وسط الدّهشة، سمعتُ مواء قط

نظرتُ إلى الدّاخل وجدتُ القطّ فوق السّرير

يتَسَلَّى ببقايا ريش علق بمخالبه…


الجيدة، فإني لا أملك قطًا

قطّي الوحيد مات منذ ثلاثة أيام.

خبر آخر أسوأ من الجيّد؛

هو أنني داخل حلم.

الأسوأ على الإطلاق

كوني لا أنام.

– هامش سيء –

وأنا أكتب هذا النصّ

ريشة عصفور تسقطُ من فمي

تتلاعب بها نسمة مرهقة

فجأة، صوت مواء لكائن غير مرئي.

هامش غامض،

لا نافذة في مكاني الحِبْرِي

فأنا مجرد قبو

يلتهم الكائنات التي تراني.

Onfwan Fouad is an Algerian poetess, translator, story writer and artist from Aures, the east of Algeria. She was a lawyer for seven years as she was a university instructor for many years. Her first published poetry book in 2017 « Godot's eating his fingers» was issued in Cairo by Dar "Hona"' ELLES. As she had issued many electronics books some of them: 1 _ « I See Him, He Doesn't See Me», 2 _ « With No Boredom, My Soul Wears Me». 3 _ « Let Me Burn Death ». 4 _ « Tomorrow, You Are Mine ». 5 _ «Among Hearts' Tombs ». 6 _ « I've Debted Sadness a Message ». Her texted works were translated to French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Romanian, Kurdish and Amazighian. She has contributed in Haiku Anthology, and she is the first feminine who wrote Hippon in The Arab World. As she contributed in another Hiaku Anthology issued by Moment Britain. She is one of Surrealism pioneers in The Middle East and North of Africa. 

Yousef Hanna, a Palestinian from the Upper Galilee who lives in Nazareth, is a doctor in Internal Medicine and has been practicing his profession for 37 years. Six years ago, he began translating poetry and literary texts from English and Romanian language into Arabic and vice versa, and is active in the translation room of the Surrealist group in North Africa and the Middle East.