Friday, October 1, 2021

Three Poems, Rubino del Sur


We have to bypass thought to think
Who’s sleeping in our mind.
Do something warns the empty thought 
September overwhelms. 
Against these harbingers stands Pentagon,
Millennium and Tribulation one,
in the warehouse of the mind 
to reconstruct bete noir. 

The kings of Pentagon mass corp
the state of new techniques
To disenfranchise bardo
and entertain the elite.
When new conquerors took control 
Of the subclade Scales below
Imperials debated how,
to Incompleteness close. 

UN Prisoner Transfer cars
resettled to the east 
the Unity State of new techniques
in an animated cargo of beasts. 
Guns in the belt, one under the chair,
guns in the fridge and in bête noire
Scientificos would CRISPR you
To Lunch with Baal Peor.

Sheol is bigger from reflux!
Eyes ope’ and ears can hear
In the old warehouse of the mind 
the expansion of Sheol.
Days before the Floods we thought
to topple kings of war
before Impossibilities taught
do not be one with the world. 

Indian, Irish, German, Black 
against the English caught, 
Christian between new life and flesh, 
Knew it as we walked. That’s all.

Up Headless Mountain 

When we look at headless mountain
We see the topknot shows.
Let's ride the mirror to the back of it 
For the face is the mask of an eye shown through.
We raise a tongue for the eyes that watch
In the hunt for elk and quartz,
The head remains in disembodied earth.

The face of mountain is a mask 
That hunts for ear and eye.
Ichabod Crane has a shoulder there
Where twists the pie bald sky. 
Not really Danes, cold mouths devour
a rooster tail stuck to its mouth.
The rock towers ask, "enemy or friend?"
But neither answers in words we understand; 
This is what the angel spoke to Joshua and Joshu then.
Another asks, where are you hiding mule deer 
Among bone world-flushed xylene pumps, 
in a pile of cans or in a stream full of sin? 

Oil and gold ask, what is wilderness? 
I will tell, wilderness glistens beneath a bear 
which opens its mouth. Its tail is a crowd
of bones in subway tubes. Come and capture. 
Pierce the nose! This is a bronze 
wake-wild worn underside that leaves a trail. 
Think the waves are cedar trail? 
Make a treaty when you lie down
on a leash for your girls that tongue,
fire it down a row of shields,
Harpoon the head you mountaineers! 
strip off its coat, take light as your own.
"Where are you, I am looking." 

Rock against fish, consumption against Fox.
Civilization's no ranch or flesh, 
but a four wheel shop and not-mine dump to hunt
the Wild Crowd. Behemoth, warm and bored in bed  
lassoed saguaros, shot and hung to dry,
Bodies were everywhere in the spirit wild.

Design the crotch? "Never!"
Heavy prairie is a letting go.
Do not leave a footprint 
Or pretend the prickly eyes of Saguaro.

There were a hundred versions and not one remains. 
That's when Opiomes was formed. 
Visions of the Starchitect Hotel is its first real. 
We're blaming Coleridge for the Trojan Horse
formed of spit by Poseidon, out of dread locks.
Trojan, like Pegasus, retains the Severed Head. 
Pegasus and his brother Chrysalor made with spit 
the moment Perseus severed Medusa 
arrived at the Denver Neptune cave, 
home of the Broncos and Trojan Bats, so there was that. 
Pegasus and Mustang Sally these two once one,
so one became two, and myth 
might dearly seek the spit of Jonathan Swift.

2nd ed Early Tattooed High Govt Habit Swine Fry Release

Do not believe the United Ants
Had too much sunny aluminum today? 
What you see in the mirror grid flower, 
Ferret the grid where the woodpeckers hover 
but there are big black bumbles too and gold 
where the peckers are pecking.
They peck on the knot in your brain, 
the Russians, the woodpeckers and dudder physics,
little godlings hatching in the grid,
scalar dynamics too wrong to be soon to be changed. 
Destroy the woodpecker nest in the conifer off grid. 
A menagerie of woodpeckers and gophers attack the poles
of experimentation and mop up the slabs.

In the 2nd ed release of early tattooed high govt
Grasshopper Grid swine flu fry brain
Trigger gibber code, human tape recorder video, 
Freedom of Thought Information mutilation dreams, 
nouns and verbs cut off piece by piece, 
basis of dissociation beaten MMPI 
made him a hyno-program courier. 
An NLP toolbox stolen from microwaves, 
gravity down magnetic hypothesis, 
post, recall, bank to left of right,
sales technique final, news interview tonight.

"How does it feel during the search and misdirection? 
Did it rain? Did you not remember the command? 
There the beginning electronic dissolution of memory 
Was erased, fed back two dimensional tactile kinesthetic.
Navy assassins of any rising politician that got the flu,
With psycho science give the second signal now.
Project One Hundred Thousand codes, 
Eureka replaced Mind Control.   
Hypno-programmed NLP defense, 
Adversity therapy, Eureka pleasure center.
In the war against imagination George Romney, Jack Ruby,
National Security, Dept of Energy, fusion energy,
General Atomics, fusion orbit, spider web satellite tech, 
quarantined pygmy speech, red herring each 
fake Grey abduction and stun gun amnesia,
Screen scrambles, ritual deficit disorder  
As armies scramble MPD military hypno-courier.
Military passified spychiatrists, 
Delta Force Waco code trigger verse, 
cure phobia in 10 minutes, dissociate and look. 

Brain tuner, sound color, monarchist psychocivilized soc,
needles through skull, Parkinson's, magnetic manipulate EMR, 
TP, test person, Mendocino Mental.
Janet Reno, Anthony Robbins, 
Had a meeting of the mind brainwash,  
patsy hypno-programmed of Sirhan rapport.
Elsberg, Nixon, Leary cryptocrat,
presidential model entry to hypnosis.
Ear receivers, ping pong eyes, mad scientist white sound
drum and fire senses ever cease to civ. 
All news, every station Crypotech, 
Carl Nicholi, NSA stunt, repeal the Act. 
Inalienable right, 2nd ed release early tattooed
high govt habit swine fry release the flu.

Rubino served time in the Pentonville Prison but was a model inmate so was released to continue his career in dentistry. His offenses were less known in the States and he is now in Antarctica at McMurdo. A citizen of three nations, born Argentine, made a British citizen through the British Penal Citizenship program at the model Pentonville, he served for various offenses in youth but which resulted in his admission to the practice. He continued his education at York and Sussex in jaw formation and hybrid and synthetic speech. After serving at Eau Claire Mayo, Denai, and Fukushima Prefecture he became a U.S. citizen by corporate contract, his third passport, and trained and disembarked to his present location where he combines all the above and he is taking courses in glacierology. 

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