Saturday, April 1, 2023

Three Poems, Dana Trick


Time . . . 
Why are you sand,
So much infinite in everywhere 
But always slipping through my fingers. . .? 

Life . . .  
Why are you a politician,
So fill on your majestic promises
Yet leaving behind broken things and people. . ..? 

Love . . . 
Why are you a rose,
So engraved with thorns 
But so blessed with soft beautiful petals . . .? 

Wisdom . . . 
Why you are a paradox,
So needed and desired
Yet always hated then abandoned . . .? 

Wonder . . . 
Why are you a child,
So full of joy and awe 
But constantly, always, so fragile . . .? 

Death . . . 
Why are a dream,
So full of dread and fear,
Yet so yearned for. 

Chained Girl

I'm just a chained girl
Who lives in a perfect indoctrinate life,
Limbs constantly dragged to the beat 
Of a performance that can’t see me.

I’m just a chained girl
Who can no longer feel—or believe in—
Her wings under the cold web of chains. 

I’m just a chained girl 
Whose mind and heart continue 
To dream of the freedom and happiness
That comes from being and loving myself.

I’m just a chained girl
Who can longer be satisfied with dreaming happiness
And now fights back against the chains 
That froze her wings since she was a babe.

I’m flying girl now,
My wings, scared and bruised,
Carrying me to my dreams and happiness
That are mine and mine alone.


Choose all that apply before reading the rest of the poem below: 
{Disabled, Indigenous, Asian (East, South, Southeast), Latinx, African, Mixed, Poor, LGBTQA+ Female, Immigrant, First-Generation, Refugee, Any Religion} 

Why must a {insert here} 
Have to work so hard to prove their humanity they already have
To the powerfully parasitic privileged who is so eager to take it away
By any means necessary? 

Why must a member of that {insert} 
Have to spend their entire lives navigating though 
Trapdoors, puzzle rooms, walls, cages, chains, and laws
That only preserve the institutionalized inequality of the powerfully parasitic privileged 
While they promote hard work and determination would fix everything in their lives? 

Why must a member of {insert} 
Are forced to morph their personalities, their identities, their communities
Into the monstrous majority monotony society/status quo
Of the powerfully parasitic privileged  
That always condemn, criticize, scapegoat, stereotype, harass, assault, murder them
At every chance, at every crime, at every tragedy, at every minute of them trying to live? 

Why must a member of {insert},
After surviving through the oppression obstacles, 
Have to constantly inhumanly, impossibly, infinitely
Be perfectly good and civilized 
So their communities would eventually encounter 
Less torment from the powerfully parasitic privileged? 

Why does the {insert}
Be even more tormented after their minority-hero—
So chained and crucified to the ballet burden of role model—
Is discovered to have done something wrong, immoral, evil,
Therefore giving the powerfully parasitic privileged excuses to continue
Their discrimination, scapegoating, harassment, attacks, murder, dehumanization
Till the end of time? 

Why does the powerfully parasitic privileged 
Claim that only they have humanity in the world 
Even though their actions and words are synonym of humanity
Even though everyone on this earth
Like the said historically marginalized minorities 
Has humanity from the very second they are born?

Born a first-generation Mexican-Canadian-American autistic biromantic-demisexual with ADHD, Dana Trick lives in Southern California where it is clearly foolish to wear black any day. Besides writing, she spends/wastes her day by either reading weird books; researching history because she has a history degree; drawing art and comics that she posts on deviantART under Silencedbook9; and watching cartoons, anime, and Youtube videos. Her work has been published online--Art of Autism, the Lothlorien Poetry Journal, The Kolkata Arts, The Writer Shed, The Writers Club, and The Ugly Writers—as well as in print anthologies: the 2018 Moorpark College Print Review; the Poets’ Choice Realm of Emotions; Other Worldly Women Press’ Behind Closed Doors; Free Spirit’s Historic Tales; Wingless Dreamer’s My Glorious Quill and The Book of Black; Dragoon Soul Press’ Organic Ink Volume 5; and The Ravens Quote Press’ Balm 2. She wishes the reader a nice day.

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