Friday, July 1, 2022

Moving, Shalida A. Askanazi

Things keep moving 

The river keeps flowing

The owls keep peering 

The sun keeps shining 

The forest keeps breathing 

Things keep moving 

The town keeps chattering 

The seeds keep growing 

The music keeps playing 

The light keeps dimming 

Things keep moving even when we can’t get out of bed 

When all we can stomach is a sip of water

When our tears leave white streaks down our cheeks 

When our feet tap to an unheard beat

When the earth spins 

Things keep moving 

We keep living 

We keep moving 

Shalida A. Askanazi is poet, author, and disability rights activist from Cleveland, Ohio. She is the author of the poetry collection The Lazarus Girl, which was self-published in 2020. Using her personal journey of being a black disabled woman, Shalida works to make sure there are accurate portrayals of the disabled community in her writing. She is currently working on a memoir.

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