Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Three Poems, Heller Levinson


reared oblong

obliquity scatter

                                                corner table

                                                tether fray

                                                loin wobble


an iridescence at the foot of plunder


caged colloquy flirt transmissible, high-

strung hollows gape, astir with

unblemished ritual,

sweetening the backside of archaic resemblance patterns born of infidel grow contagious


throats glow




rail thin

                    vapour from a past idle

                    air as contraband


unseemly deposits dwarf the earnest


                    looking for clues   an

                    early tide



change heart


Note: SENTINEL Hinges to Richard Capobianco’s masterful Heidegger commentary, Heidegger’s Way of Being.

Richard writes: “Sentinel” in its root meaning is one who is open to and receives and takes in what is; one who “senses” all that is…. The “sentinel” as “herald” makes manifest what is manifest.

& Richard’s English translation of Heidegger’s translation of the Heraclitus fragment 93 is also pertinent:

The high one, whose place of the pointing-saying is in Delphi, neither uncovers (only) nor conceals (only); rather he gives signs.

Poet Will Alexander says this about SENTINEL:

Thanks for sharing this wayward musical drift, this wayward ensemble of splinters, this daring motific of blankness, the seeming thrill of in-action. Somehow blizzards burn and trace themselves by randomity, by a curious sanction of spells.


pass-through                     alight

          heft flex hammock burl




bell overleaf

trill embark


the anchor

sinks back


into its own


Heller Levinson is the author of LURE (Black Widow Press, 2022), and lives in New York where he studies animal behavior.

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