Monday, August 1, 2022

Selected Works, Heller Levinson


Rural Songs from the Gunboat


sweet wheeze ka → boom

                    pikeberry lullaby


ether loiter              troll transcendence


in the riparian quench of a stalled orthodoxy




edges toy beginnings


soil plum(b)s porosity


declawed serenades sprinkle the field,

flake-offs from dispirited mechanisms, tune-

less, blunt, root


idential, roil whereabouts, consider plantings


the hurt fled otherwise




the night sky


even so



bud pubescent hammock gruel sift surmise palpitant outline sketch dialysis wriggle configure calve wary callow brink                  manifestation mulls

milk prep curdle               cradle abeyance ladle crop fickle in the lurk bellows


                              bramble arbiter

                              pattern prolix curvature zeal

                              slump cowslip

                              verdancy slouch


edge assemble consultation brew           constituency poach           pattern probe loft

in the mould formative knead

                    ‘When making an axe handle the pattern is not far off.’

                                                            where in the






armature reel stencil dart pattern pluck pluperfect comatose rain

          -- how many configurations bedeck the plank –

                                                  where in the




stamped in armature signature slap where is ambage? recalcitrance?



lurking in distillate residual prehistoric psychic trench -- tomahawk sun, wood ar-

ousal – loaf-affiliates saunter, float silhouettes, draw the

flux of

evolutionary doze


Note: SHAPE SLUMBER emerges from Heidegger’s notion of a cabinetmaker’s apprenticeship. He asserts that the teaching is not merely one of learning the utility of the tools & the forms he is to build, but, most importantly, & above all, ‘to  respond to the different kinds of wood and to the shapes slumbering within wood – to wood as it enters into man’s dwelling with all the hidden riches of its nature. In fact, this relatedness to wood [my italics] is what maintains the whole craft.’


This ‘relatedness’ includes the smell, feel, & tone of the wood, . . . its pulsative vocalisms.

The ‘draw,’ in the 3rd to last line, would denote the draw as configuring (as in artistic ‘drawing’,) as well as the ‘drawing’ near, the bringing to, the shapes appearing.


whereupon the dark rang forecast falter felony

upbeat melody plea fidelity quell threnody days like this proper attire propel pinch a beat crash a cymbal starlit bowsprit turnabout heave heave come to me cleave(oh―age) my darling pluck a’here pluck there turps rubout scrub on all fours floorboard scratch squeak ploan moan yesterday’s clothing even under the radar pathos visible has a way unerring divisibility surmise come as you are watch for seepage planetary rotation is indistinguishable from Buddhism  (?)  in & out burger gas prices counting shades of confinement perpetuity complex liner notes the leaves are raspberry blush when counter clockwise cluck cluck cluck pass the buck whine a shoe drill a hole kill a mole feather fright molt delight the earth is a cube the earth is not a cube sheaf theory establishes reliability over & over again rhapsody senility come as you are duplicitous contraband controversial conundrum crux buster sums on board come out come trip the meter fret the reaper where’s the speaker nevermore forevermore more’s the least of it how shallow amplitudinously remote grab a hold hold a hand grill a chill steal a shovel what comes from the earth returns to the earth so says tracking data attached to the open sets of topological space hi ho hi ho ringalevio                  approaching finality the end of world history at this late stage of things during this late stage of things how to conduct oneself? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . the question lodged in dilemma. not a clue. this way, → push pull pulley lever scramble brake accelerate more/less perhaps/maybe monkey wrench quench down the trench if then where when


why not

Beloved Ambiguous


lark-fell oneiric pine starlit ambiguity, fertile nexus, --

confluent, lateral, explosive, shunning stratified sterilized mimetics   brokered definitions   sclerotic conditioning


rooted in blazing emotional turquoise pinwheeling gemstone cogitation the living lapse erupts as cosmos, as electrical discharge exfoliating

exuberant apertures

Heller Levinson is the author of LURE (Black Widow Press, 2022), and lives in New York where he studies animal behavior. 

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