Thursday, April 1, 2021

Excerpt from Chiaroscuro, Irene Koronas


facsimiles give celluric landscapes eye dorcets for elephantum 
absurdery and a lugubrious phergame that exposes on embryo 

each painting by ernstest humours flagsistence in our multiplica
app commentary on pantheon pantomime as ragout in sacerdotal 

hieratic poses rather than diapered by flutuff in comedic death 
limpid as stone the faithful hores cortex populate an ironperverse 

obsession to trace isolate surfaces on comment salutes between  
two revolutes and one oratorologue the embody proof in lucan 

scabious flow one to another the unimyth women on lank hump 
day covers her tradmonarchy and her digious reason for any tight 

lecture about sharp insertions without their visceral distilleries  
by inquisition and blast that masochists speed offtap to test the

measure cloud ennuis documents for all distipersons will power
proves scion fathers and motheggs adore their watchind memes 

and transcribe puntang rats rite with group invoktion worthy as
any machine except for the obscenities which myst and ban in 

stacks the dephartine grace our fertile elastic movements disnot 
or do anus careful dissimulate their objection to stump advance

the marriage of figaro also led to a titian cube before it collides
with chronological motif when short gulls case house finch off

their bed talk and screw a paper hat onto his forehead she lists
the mass lottery names found in the interpenetrate coupling

a migration from poliwar to multiwar as seen on a very small
screen made from hallowind tin offers a rabbit light under
the obsolete dipthong wiggles inlieu of divinity and an orgiastic
identity or quasi rock pigeon elocution has no seams in its first 

stitch on how a fast honey adds to its two blade blood sums up
the what in an unconquerable cipher with her stick lash on chalk

board telling us how we must unthink think as concordance
dialects the death she might work on after we inconclude 

legible differences she thinks whip is best but gentilechi forms
more button holes near those ritan hands that strangle another

women cloistered by oceanweed faith who then turns into
an elevator going down the antipost chirp we listen without

slipping on marble floors a mollusc shell pierces through her
mountain remarks since when has proof about rapture been

the pillow and thick blanket cross over documents since when
is what he does for us a weed in place of the lank green bush

consit where branches root against a feather on his mini blogart  
tongue the habet boven in lingua in hoc signo vinces we conceal

the point of a rapier a portentous token I keep in my pocket even
when it passes through the surface genitors living in concubinage

as it steals our punctilios odor for papillae manics argue a babel
of vernacular labels saturated by agit and approbium penetration

even when imperfect can pass for crude sidonius the anomalous
position he refers to as similarity and its impossibility for instance

two poles from wooden structure parallel the horizon and will break 
into a hundred pieces which seems improbable but will then drop 

the clock hidden in a grasshopper is smaller than people who stand 
by large columns laid out in opposition to the middle explanation 

given by figero and salvia who lags behind edipuss with a clear voice
his appearance lears the impossible fecundity on earth making a virgin

seem naked putrescence a useful emission in discourse settles many
obligations that bend this important to convince you by demonstration

what happens when a solid object coheres to a firm grasp and lowers
the end attachment with a strong pull toward breton as we define how

being dead the next day is an anagram while avida wags aristotle who
says motion in a vacuum is not instantaneous for the separation

of two plates appear to me to occur outside this axiom with non
resistance even if it is packed inside a glass vessel it still indicates 

by x we take a nap between half past three and salvered by copious 
opposites we take a pill to regulate intelligence with vigor being 

convenient as the erection less paradisiacal pauses during sunday 
automation races that dislocate his knee cap and chap lips lure me 

in jan I touch dry pigment and stroke the corner of our mouth against 
the continuation of indivisible quantity an infallible guide durers this

other thought in a solid cylinder and the short line lets me add more
squares so we can recede from divisible with an end I slip jasmine 

buds in the toilet and an odorless prediction about how ignominy 
influences bee scatology we swallow honey roots with euphoric

cannibal delite we identify myself in a cone jaw volume illustrated by 
being a stop watch where every thin woman coincides with the exact 

visit we escort their caper perception about the last twenty years those 
wrinkles on a mad woman who eats conch shell to decrease assump

paroxysmal hippo crow feet found by the sunrise three times bigger 
than a greek blue mechanical dome opens a tweak eye and carries 

mother to heaven perhaps we shall go then to proclaim a dogma 
about nietzsche who ascends with two imbecile unwives hugging

who lay in shade their common platitudes and dominate a portico 
when I see them stand in a dinghy a wave crush sure and I have to 

include my outfits with pearl thread and silver tinsel I call this my 
closet ascension the corpuscle atom prologue about each meeting

on a single photograph rolled up so it is easy for you to come as a 
transcendental or pid or certit painter with ob while you shoulder

modernity and point to stupid remounts and the river subtracts cube 
unity we take seven and twenty eight or the meaning which warn us

against the error to discuss common liquid metal on liable to whom
you will see firm as an extransparent flavor melts a hot resistance

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