Saturday, February 20, 2021

Excerpt from SEEP, Heller Levinson


conclusively with little to merit the matter save for exasperation & pigtails 

even counting no longer assumes the gravity of forefathers these are 

dangerous times rapid meltdowns extinction the disappearance of distinction 

rot school systems unhealthy gums americans are overfed the root if you 

choose to use it would be to eat less fundamental foregone rudiments have a 

way of veneer as if there were skid behind it a capsize likely outcome if you 

want to consider intervention mandolins maintain bludgeon a lurk difficult to 

remove in the best of times there will be a higher calling a grander court 

jurisprudence with a flag before it above below sideways sidewinder cinder 

transitional steps proffer the offer one step at a time sucks get there just get 

leap beyond unfriendly fear of remissions emissions remonstrance painstaking 

dream therapy leisure pursuits golf the upper class elite grass & democratic 

hyperbole dash a long footstool comforter well wishes welfare if only uncaged 

propositions bare their feet hail the reappearance of sanity a disguise for 

malfeasance functionality the future of napkins dualism is a tired concern grab 

a cab take a bus the way things fall to pieces break asunder scatter little shares 

the integrity of crimson the lightness of the deeply grave Italo Calvino 

comeuppance comes unannounced but for fertilizer with considerable 

consideration consider decimals the company of bees prowl logarithmic 

tensility the endurance of topsoil off the top of hence strategies call for 

backfire a fresh deck pinwheels catholicism & the collapse of time could it 

would it who would benefit be otherwise wise for the wise only collect 

portable religions the currency of afterlife cannot be overstated but for 

another shot all that church mortar black & white robing austerity somber 

music water dipping prayers hoopla benedictions sanctimonies sacrifices ritual 

habitual never caring much for anecdote the classroom emptied only 

momentarily a paw for silence overgrowth as if could in what capacity a 

species of arrangement that only that none other either close envisioning of all 

kinds a new member coordinator for our mens wisdom workshop met for 

lunch yesterday Kantian Ethics in high regard where to go heave ho go blow 

the downside upside flipside down under yonder hardly if only barter endures 

when in a manner of speaking the plan was profitability when all else failed 

who would have thought perturb like that that color of tone crimson the 

integrity of crimson always crimson jade belie sty in the eye order rare ribeye 

slice cut your teeth the old poets parting wisdom was care for your teeth 

assuming one assumes that care of the erectile gland a given entry point for 

starters climb upon upwardly mobile crimson framed in flame the point of 

departure always questionable would if could perhaps out for delivery deliver a 

key term in liveliness omnithreatened out maneuvered the subject was theater 

tickets overpriced considering the seats were soiled theres no turning back 

lunchbox chuckwagon gather round the subject was indifference faulty 

electronics there comes a time who would have thought endangered species 

with unemployment low ratios percolate the best of times hunky dory amos & 

andy handy candy feathering T Rex its all in the interpretation some say it’s 

chance the life of semicolon the life of comma pursuing doctorate studies in 

the life of the apostrophe mechanics organize mobility principles are principal 

when if so the time comes apparently more than most how was your this time 

of year if so light breeze over the waft drift sift swallow slide angling never 

delivered so much pleasure deliver again so much liver in deliver delete liver 

from delivered deed indeed we go deed stampede like it like that how low can 

you go limbo rock twist pony the moon comeuppance platters dog obedience 

& matinees often wondering why when when was called for deliberations 

begin after tea western philosophy is founded on division...


Results resulted from a chapbook invitation from Trainwreck Press. My first thought was to publish a “seep” sequence but was worried that it might conflict with my upcoming “seep” volume from Black Widow Press. Wondering what to submit, whether or not “seep” should be vetoed, “results” slammed into my psyche. 

I envision a 25 page verbal spontaneous rush which would be free of the currently popular trend of typographical “décor” so facilely enabled on today’s computers. This was a project with constraints:

I would insist that the unadorned ‘word’ carry the day void of any ornamental flourishes; no punctuation would be permitted other than capitalizing proper names.

In this age of distraction & ready convenience, I felt this approach would 

place a deeper responsibility on the language, that by reducing the text to the 

purely lingual, the pressure for the word to perform at full capacity would be 


Results (in its entirety) is included included in SEEP, which is available via Black Widow Press. To purchase copies of SEEP directly from the publisher, please see here.

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