The Zoo, Lara Zankoul

Vision Statement

Anvil Tongue Books exists because creating and experiencing art is a necessity to the soul. We create art to approach and honor the unfathomable.

Submissions for Online Editions

To submit your previously unpublished (re-prints of pulled pieces / from defunct journals are welcome) poems, stories under the consideration of Anvil Tongue Books, please send an email with an attached Microsoft Word document to: anviltonguebooks [ a t ] g m a i l .com

Please include a 200-word (or less) biographical statement, written in the 3rd person, with your attached file.

Please include, in the body of your email, a brief (1-2 paragraphs) cover letter introducing yourself and your work. 

Please include your full name in the attached file. Files should read: <Your Name> - <Title of Submission>. If our EiC was submitting, his file would read: Daniel Cyran - 5 poems.

If you are submitting simultaneously, this is encouraged, and please indicate this somewhere in your cover letter. 

For photographs, paintings, collage submissions, please send an email with JPEG or PNG files attached.

Please send one email at a time. Submissions sent via multiple emails will not be considered.  

****BEFORE submitting to Anvil Tongue: Please familiarize yourself with current and/or past online editions to get a vibe of what Anvil Tongue publishes. If you see that your style of work isn't represented, please consider sending a submission! We love to discover artists & Poets doing something brilliant and different. 

Anvil Tongue Radio

To submit your readings, music, and/or miscellaneous audio explorations, please send 1-3 tracks/songs/files (.mp3) to anviltonguebooks [ a t ] g m a i l .com with a brief cover letter introducing yourself and your work.

Please note: Anvil Tongue Books is not currently open to book-length submissions. Please check back at a later date.

Unfortunately, ATB is unable to provide monetary compensation for work published online at this time.